At Taattva, each of the creatives that comes out of its artistry assembly line,
has fascinating tales to tell.

Every craft has a legend, carrying the flavor and fragrance of its socio-cultural roots.
Be it from the colorful land of Kutch to the fascinating Valleys of Brahmaputra.
Or from the enchanting Shivalik Mountain range
to the Deep blue lagoon shallow land of Rama Setu.

All masterpieces, chiseled by crafty hands and seeped deep into the culture of the land.

Vintage at Vantage! What’s now called vintage was once brand new! That said, these antiques today are as adrenalizing as the vintage wine! Like the vintage wine even these antiques have stories of their time and the geography! We at Taattva rewrite the popular folklore of that time and blend them to the modernity. Each handcraft differs in its contour, content, color and Chroma, depending on the evolution of the craft. However these unevenness also bring about quality vintage in the craft and add to its charm

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